Musings (continued)


Emotional, physical and sexual trauma are stored in the body. My practice allows your body to experience a safe, accepting environment in which to finally have an opportunity to release the trauma. The results I have seen are phenomenal ~ absolute radical transformations. This is truly why I love this work!


As children we are born pleasure seekers. As we get older we learn to curb our pleasure. We are socialized through shame ~ if my pleasure is upsetting to others ~ maybe there’s something wrong with me. Shame separates and invites guilt to move in.

We will explore a full range of pleasure sensations, reacquainting you to your amazing body. Even body image shifts during arousal. I help clients to love their bodies exactly as they are - through sensation. The journey of savoring sensation allows my clients to experience the full spectrum of embodiment.

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Copyright © 2023 The Art of Arousal

Copyright © 2023 The Art of Arousal