About Erotic Embodiment

Somatic Sexology is an exciting new field that transforms your life through body awareness in the form of Erotic Embodiment.  “Somatic” derives from the Greek soma: living, aware, bodily person. "Erotic" derives from the Greek eros: desire, a state of sexual arousal or impulse. Being fully embodied helps you reclaim your divine right to pleasure and enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Somatic Sexology uses experiential body-based techniques to expand your capacity to live your life in the most vibrant and fulfilling way!

As a Somatic Sexologist, I am convinced that the most direct path to transformation is through body-based learning. As your body awakens to subtle sensations,  it is possible to experience breakthroughs ~  even in the first few sessions ~ which may far exceed many years of traditional ‘talk therapy.’

How you feel about yourself is the foundation of your interactions with everyone and everything in your life. So many of us have become disconnected and out of touch with our bodies. The great news is that each of us is born with the ability to receive pleasure, access and cultivate our own erotic energy and radiate that joy outward in every aspects of our lives.

I meet you where you are in each moment, using The Art of Arousal as our key to unlocking the greatest potential for your vitality ~ the integration of mind, body and spirit. Each session we somatically transform unconscious patterns into new learned behaviors ~ thereby resetting or rewiring your erotic map.

So how can we track and navigate our own erotic embodiment? It's easy ~ just notice what you are feeling! To access your own body’s wisdom is central to the experience of being human and is the greatest act of self love. My commitment is to transforming your life through Erotic Embodiment.

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Copyright © 2023 The Art of Arousal

Copyright © 2023 The Art of Arousal